Expansion of the SCHMETZ range: New products in the domestic segment

Choosing the right sewing needle is a key success factor in both the hobby and industrial segment. SCHMETZ is constantly working to address the individual needs of its customers and the various requirements with its product range in order to offer the right needle for every application. SCHMETZ will be expanding its domestic needle range to include the Black and Gold Line.


The Black Line was named after its black non-stick coating, which reduces adhesive residue on the needle and ensures that the needle glides better. New products are the Black Super Stretch Needle (HAx1 SP SU) and the Black Super Fine Needle (130/705 H-SU XS). The Super Universal Needle already available in the range is now called “Black” Super Universal Needle.


The Gold Line features a gold-colored wear protection coating for longer needle durability. The Gold Line includes the Gold Embroidery Needle and the new Gold Jeans Needle (130/705 H-JT).


For the first time in the history of SCHMETZ, a Felting Needle is part of the product range. It is used in felting machines and transports the fibers via barbs in order to decoratively incorporate suitable materials such as woolen fiber webs or woolen threads into a carrier material.


The SCHMETZ Longarm Quilting Needle (135x5 MR system) is a special round shank needle for quilting on longarm machines.


The Leather Needle DH (130/705 H DH) is the second Leather Needle in the product range. With its half triangular point, it is used for straight seams, while the established Leather Needle LL is used for decorative seams.


Further details on the new needle systems can be found in the "Products" section and in our brochure “News from the world of sewing” .

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