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Longarm Quilting Needle


Needle system

135x5 MR
Other designations of this needle: 134 (R) MR, 1955-01MR, DPx5 MR

Available needle sizes


Suitable fabrics/materials

  • Cotton and batting for patchwork and quilting

Key features

  • Only for special longarm quilting machines

  • Long and deep special scarf

  • Deep thread groove

  • Round shank

Point shape

  • Acute point

Color marking

  • The Longarm Quilting Needle does not require any color marking as it is clearly recognizable by its round shank and the special scarf.


The Longarm Quilting Needle is suitable for quilting with special longarm machines. It has been specially designed for multi-directional sewing.

This needle's hallmark feature is its long and deep special scarf, which makes it easier for the thread to be picked up. This prevents skipped stitches during the frequent changes of direction made while quilting.

The deep thread groove guarantees optimum protection for the sewing thread, resulting in less untwisting and, in turn, a better seam appearance.


With its acute point, the needle ensures precise penetration. This creates quilting lines that are particularly precise and straight.

Due to their round shank, Longarm Quilting Needles only fit into special longarm quilting machines (e.g by APQS, Baby Lock, Gammill, Grace Company, Handi Quilter, Innova, Juki, etc.). Therefore, please consult your operating instructions to see whether your machine is compatible with one of the following needle systems: 135x5, 134, DPx5, SY 1955. These needles are not suitable for “normal” household sewing machines.

Needle typeLongarm Quilting NeedleQuilting NeedleUniversal Needle
Available needle sizes100/1675/11, 90/1460/8, 65/9, 70/10, 75/11, 80/12, 90/14, 100/16, 110/18, 120/19, 130/21
Point shapeAcute PointSlim, slightly rounded pointSlightly rounded point
Key featuresSpecial scarf to prevent skipped stitches; deep thread groove for better seam appearanceSpecial blade shape has been optimized to prevent needle breakage and skipped stitches 
Suitable sewing machinesCertain longarm sewing machines.
Please consult the user manual.
Conventional household sewing machinesConventional household sewing machines
Application rangeLongarm quiltingPatchwork and quiltingUniversally applicable
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