Your go-to source for needle knowledge


The color markings on household sewing machine needles are an easy way to recognize the needle type and size. Find out the meaning behind the colors.


From the butt to the tip: The anatomy of a household sewing machine needle is complicated. Learn what each part of a needle is called and what it does.


The final detail: the coating. At SCHMETZ, we use three kinds of coating.


“A good needle must be sharp” – a saying that is not necessarily true all of the time. SCHMETZ offers six different point shapes to provide the ideal solution for every project.


The packaging used for SCHMETZ needles does more than just make sure our needles arrive at your home in pristine condition; it also contains a wealth of handy information. Find out what the information on our packaging really means.


Although many modern household overlocking machines can now use normal universal needles, there are still a number of models that require a special needle system.

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