The characteristical SCHMETZ Color Marking

The color marking on the shoulder of the SCHMETZ household sewing machine needles enables the needle type and size to be identified quickly. The first color indicates the needle type, the second color represents the needle size:


Once the needle is removed from the packaging, it is often difficult to identify the needle type. Although the needle size is imprinted on the shank, it is very small. SCHMETZ has responded to the needs of the users and has also introduced a color marking on the sewing needles. This means that the needle can be identified clearly even without the packaging.

SCHMETZ uses eleven colors for the marking system that are easy to tell apart.

The Universal Needle only has one color marking for the needle size.

The Hemstitch Needle can be identified by the two "wings" on the left and right of the needle blade. It is available in the sizes NM 100/16 and NM 120/19.

The Double Eye Needle with its two eyes and the Quick Threading Needle with its small slot on the side of the eye are both easy to identify.

Needles that are difficult to differentiate from the Universal Needle have two colored marks: The bottom color also represents the needle size, the other color at the top identifies the needle type.

Information on the needle type and size is also printed on the packaging of the SCHMETZ sewing needles.

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