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Leather Needle DH


Needle system

130/705 H DH

Available needle sizes

NM 100


Suitable fabrics/materials

  • Leather, hard synthetic leather and paper (for thin brochures)

Point shape

  • Half triangular point (cutting point)

Color marking

  • The upper color marking for Leather Needles is brown. The lower color marking is purple for needle size 100/16

The Leather Needle DH is suitable for sewing leather and similar materials.


The half triangular point (= DH) cuts easily through leather and similar materials thanks to its cutting action. It also creates a straight stitching line, which makes the seam appear particularly accurate and straight.

Please note: Leather Needles are NOT suitable for textiles due to their cutting effect, as woven or knitted fabrics can be severed during sewing.

Leather Needles DH can be used on all conventional household sewing machines (e.g. Bernina, Pfaff, Elna, Brother, Juki, Janome, Singer, W6, etc.).



Choose a longer stitch length to stop the stitches being torn out. When locking the seam, make sure that the sewing thread is not severed.

The DH Leather Needle DH can only be used on soft synthetic leather to a limited extent: Try the Microtex Needle first in this case as the material may be damaged and holes can form more quickly.

Needle typeLeather Needle DHLeather Needle LLMicrotex Needle
Available needle sizes100/1670/10, 80/12, 90/14, 100/16, 110/18, 120/1960/8, 70/10, 80/12, 90/14, 100/16, 110/18
Point shapeHalf triangular pointTwist pointAcute round point
Application rangeAccurate, straight stitches on homogeneous materials such as leather, (hard) synthetic leather, paperDecorative seams on homogeneous materials such as leather, (hard) synthetic leather, paperVery fine, densely woven materials or coated materials: Silk, microfiber, foils, synthetic leather. Also for particularly accurate, straight stitches when topstitching or quilting
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