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Jeans Twin Needle


Needle system

130/705 H-J ZWI


Use the Jeans Twin Needle to create the typical double seams on the side seams, yokes, belt loops or pockets on denim pants.

Available needle sizes

4.0 / NM 100





With the Jeans Twin Needle, you can create authentic, professional looking seams on your jeans and other denim items – even without using a special sewing machine: On your normal household sewing machine, you can sew two seams at the same time with a distance of 4 mm using two top threads on the top of the seam.

The Jeans Twin Needle is suitable for double-lined, exactly parallel seams on jeans and similar fabrics.


Before sewing

The Jeans Twin Needle can be used on all conventional household sewing machines that have a zigzag function. Like other household needles, it is also inserted into the needle bar: From your perspective, the flat side of the shank points away from you. The needle plate and sewing foot must have a recess large enough for the needle distance. Therefore, use the zigzag needle plate and a zigzag sewing foot.

Tip: Switch on twin mode or use a similar button on your sewing machine (if available) to limit the stitch width. This prevents the needle from accidentally hitting the needle plate and breaking.


Threading the needle

A separate reel of thread is required for each of the two needles. If you do not have a second thread holder, use a bobbin for the second thread and place it onto the reel holder under the reel of thread containing the first thread. Make sure that the bobbin and reel of thread are unwound in the same direction.

You can use the same color thread for both needles or different colors for decorative effects. Guide the two threads through your machine's guide elements together as if they were one thread. Then separate the threads and guide one thread through each eye. Some machines have special thread separating tools. In this case, please follow your machine’s special threading instructions.

Please note:
The automatic needle threader does not work with twin needles!



  • Check the thread tension in advance with a few test stitches. You could use leftover fabric for this. Adjust the thread tension so that the bottom thread runs has a slight zigzag shape along the seam.
  • In thicker areas of material, reduce the sewing speed slightly to prevent needle breakage.
  • Do not push or pull the fabric when sewing. This can lead to an uneven stitch length and, in the worst case, to needle breakage.

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