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Round Shank Needle


Needle system

287 WH, 1738, DBx1 and SY 2270

Special feature

  • Suitable for household sewing and overlock machines and industrial high-speed sewing machines whose operating instructions specify use of the 287 WH, 1738, DBx1, SY 2270, 16x251 or 16x231 needle system.
  • Round shank shape with smaller diameter compared to a household sewing machine needle

Suitable fabrics

Universal for a wide range of fabrics:

  • Woven fabric made from natural or synthetic fibres
  • Batiste, cotton, brocade
  • Chenille, corduroy
  • Felt, terry
  • Gabardine, drapery, georgette, jacquard
  • Crepe, synthetic leather, leather (thin), linen, loden, ramie
  • Poplin, polyester, velvet, taffeta
  • Viscose, faux fur, wool and wool blend

Available needle sizes

  • NM 60, NM 65, NM 70, NM 75, NM 80, NM 90, NM 100, NM 110
  • Assorted



Point shape

Acute Point

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