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Stretch Needle


Needle system

130/705 H-S


  • The special design helps to avoid skipped stitches.
  • The shank is flatter than on other needles with the same diameter. This means that the needle is closer to the hook, which also helps to avoid skipped stitches.

Suitable fabrics

  • For elastic or highly elastic knitted fabric
  • The more elastic the material, the more suited the stretch needle is (if in doubt, use the stretch needle).
  • Swimwear fabrics
  • Fine jersey, silk jersey, single jersey, velour cloth
  • Cotton knitwear

Available needle sizes

  • NM 65, NM 75, NM 90
  • Assorted



Special feature

  • Special scarf
  • Shorter eye

Point shape

Medium ball point

Color marking


Needle typeStretch NeedleSuper Stretch NeedleJersey Needle
Available needle sizes65/9, 75/11, 90/1465/9, 75/11, 90/1470/10, 80/12, 90/14, 100/16
Point shapeMedium ball pointMedium ball pointMedium ball point
Key featuresSpecial scarf/needle eye area, stronger shank flattening to prevent skipped stitchesSpecial scarf/needle eye area, stronger shank flattening and blade reinforcement to prevent skipped stitches; wider needle eye and widened thread groove for thicker threads 
Application rangeElastic or highly elastic knitted fabricElastic or highly elastic knitted fabric, use of thicker threadsKnitted fabrics; better to use a Stretch or Super Stretch Needle for highly elastic fabrics

In principle, there are four special needles to choose from for knitted fabrics: The Jersey Needle, the Stretch Needle, the Super Stretch Needle, and the BLACK Super Stretch Needle.
“But which is the right one?”

Detailed information is available on Inspired:

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