Glow-up for used textiles

Get your sewing machines ready because it's time for a sustainable upcycling project. Grab a discarded shirt, old towel or bed sheet and you're all set to go. We'll show you how you can conjure up your own sustainable cosmetic pads in no time at all. With our step-by-step instructions, you not only recycle old textiles, but also get an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional disposable cosmetic pads. And best of all: they are not only great for your own use, but also make a nice gift for your (sewing) friends!

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What you'll need


  • File for download
  • Frayed towel
  • Discarded T-shirt or sweatshirt
    (alternatively, you can also use leftover cotton fabrics)
  • A sheet of fine sandpaper
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • SCHMETZ needles
  • Thread to match your fabric



Print the sewing pattern with printer set-up "original size" or 100 % and cut it out in the desired size without seam allowance.

Tip: Glue the sewing patten onto fine sandpaper and then cut it out. This will give you a sewing template that won't slip.



Cut off all the seams of your T-shirt. And be as generous as you want. This works best if you first turn the T-shirt inside out. Now use the pattern to cut as many pieces of fabric from the T-shirt as you want to sew cosmetic pads. Cut the pieces roughly, i.e. about 1 cm larger than the pattern all around. The exact size is not important, it should just be significantly larger than your pattern. Then place the cut pieces of T-shirt fabric on the towel and cut out the same number of pieces from the towel. Make sure that your cut pieces do not have any holes or ugly stains.


Here's how


Tip: Patterned fabrics or fancy threads bring color to your bathroom. :)


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