Upcycling: From old to new

Whether furniture, clothing or other stuff – with upcycling and a spark of creativity and skill you can spice up your furniture, garden or wardrobe and create something truly unique. And with a bit of luck you don't even have to spend a penny on fabric or materials. You can transform old clothes into new, trendy outfits, and old furniture can become real eye-catchers. Even items that at first glance appear to be scrap can, with a little imagination, be turned into useful or decorative objects. And what's best: With upcycling you take a stand against throwaway culture, reduce waste and contribute to a sustainable consumer behavior.

This spontaneously reminds you of an old piece of clothing that would perfectly fit the bill? Quick, get your sewing machines! We'll deliver inspiration for your new upcycling project.

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In vogue with upcycling

Your closet is bursting at the seams and yet you have nothing to wear? Seems to be time to clear out your wardrobe. But wait a second! Before you throw away all your old stuff you might want to think twice if you really want to part with everything just yet. A cool upcycling might give some of your old pieces a new function or fresh look. We bear this in mind whenever we are detoxing our wardrobe, each time asking ourselves "What other project could I use this for?" or "Where else could I put the message on this t-shirt full of holes?"

You've certainly all heard that upcycling is a hot trend. When cleaning up or clearing out, who hasn't found one or the other treasure that's just perfect for upcycling? For example, we pulled our old corduroy jackets out of the closets and gave them a new function.


What you'll need


  • A discarded piece of clothing, decorative item or furniture of your choice (such as a corduroy jacket or cushion cover)
  • A pattern of your choice (we chose a bucked hat from SmagZ and a shopping bag from Bernina ).
  • SCHMETZ needles suitable for the fabric you choose. We chose the Universal Needle for corduroy. (The SCHMETZ Needle ABC can help you to find the right needle.)
  • A sewing machine
  • Fabric scissors
  • Yarn of your choice

Universal Needle >


Let's go!


1. First of all, go through your closet, decorative items or other stuff in your household and garden. Everything that you no longer use can be cleared out.

2. Now decide which of these items could qualify for an upcycling project. Even clothes or threadbare cushions with holes could be reused.

3. Select a pattern of your choice that can be realized with your discarded fabrics. You'll find plenty of inspiration for upcycling projects online. We chose the bucket hat from SmagZ and a shopping bag from the Bernina blog. For the small inside pocket with zipper we reused the inside pocket of an old sports bag and also used its webbing. You can also combine different pieces of fabric if you want to use a pattern that requires a larger fabric. Tip: The color blocking trend is just perfect for upcycling.

4. Now all you have to do is follow the pattern and voilà you've given an old, useless piece a new life.

5. Have fun trying it out!


Too good to throw away? Make something of it!

Who hasn't been there? You look in the trash and think to yourself, "That's actually much too good to throw away!" Don't worry, you're not alone. We'll show you how you can give used everyday objects a new life.

Fabric scraps serve well for a variety of projects. Old towels or bedding, for example, make great cleaning rags or napkins. Old jeans are perfect for bags or even patchwork quilts.

A super simple and sustainable upcycling idea are cosmetic pads made from fabric scraps. For example, you can use old towels or T-shirts. Simply cut them into small squares, whip them, done! This not only saves you money, but also protects the environment.

You still got old plastic bags that you don't use anymore? Also they can be upcycled excellently. How about a homemade bag made from old plastic bags, for example? Simply cut the bags into long strips, knot them together and weave them into a new trendy bag.


Our upcycling recommendation for beginners: Scrunchies are an easy enough upcycling project for everyone. Scrunchies are fabric-covered hair ties that were extremely popular in the 1990s and are now making a fashion comeback. They can be sewn from almost any fabric. All you need is a scrap of fabric, a sewing machine, elastic and scissors. Cut the fabric to the desired size and sew it together to form a tube. Thread the elastic through the fabric tube and sew it at the ends. Sew the fabric tube together and ready is your scrunchie!

So, get your sewing machines, fabric scraps and let's get started!


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