Everything well organized and in perfect order?

After a longer break from sewing, you just can't wait to get your sewing machine and start a new project? Just quickly insert the right needle and off you go!

But wait – exactly which needle is actually in the machine? Most needles can be quickly and easily identified by their color code. But what about the needles that don't have one? Or maybe the right needle is already in the machine, but how can you be sure?

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With the SCHMETZ parking disk, a glance is enough to know which needle is in the sewing machine. Simply hang the parking disk on the machine or keep it nearby and set it to the needle that is currently in the machine.

This makes it easy to identify the needle at a later moment– no matter if it has a color code or not. The SCHMETZ parking disk most definitely brings some order to your creative chaos.


What you'll need



Here's how


  • Print page 2 at full size (100 %)
  • Cut out the slider, disk and card separately
  • Position the disk behind the card
  • Insert a brass fastener at the ⦻ mark
  • Cut along the dotted line and mount in the slider


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