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Christmas is coming – what a joy. Although this year almost nothing will be as it was, some things never change: Christmas always comes unexpected and in such a rush that all preparation must inevitably end in chaos. But at least with your search for decorations and gift options we can give you a helping hand. We have some easy-to-follow last minute inspiration for you. All you need is transfer paper, some sewing skills and delight in DIY projects.

Let's not waste time and go straight to the step-by-step instructions. Promise: Our three Merry Christmas motifs offer plenty of room for creativity. What are you waiting for? There are gifts, candy canes and Christmas trees to be decorated!

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What you'll need


  • Transfer paper
  • Printer
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Desired substrate, e.g. a cushion cover, table runner, pillow
  • Decorative material, such as velvet, glitter foil or artificial leather
  • Matching or contrasting sewing thread
  • Domestic sewing machine
  • SCHMETZ needles (The SCHMETZ Needle ABC can help you to find the right needle.)
  • Template to download and print:
    Version 1 - regular form , Version 2 - mirror-imaged form

Please note:
Depending on the type of transfer paper, the motif must be printed either in mirror-imaged form or not. Please stick to the manufacturer's instructions.


Here we go



Download and print the motifs. Iron your favorite one onto the desired substrate.

As already mentioned, please follow the instructions for the transfer paper you are using. Specifications may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.



Once the motif has been ironed onto the desired substrate, e.g. a cushion cover, creativity knows no bounds.

We chose to use a gold ribbon to playfully highlight the outline of the gift. System D: Iron on with a fleece tape before you sew it on.



For our motif with Christmas tree, other creative techniques are required: Use the template to cut a decorative material, such as velvet, glitter foil or artificial leather, and apply the tree in the designated place.

Use sequins, buttons or pearls to make the stars glow!


Need more ideas?

Here is some inspiration how the motifs look on different substrates. A real eye-catcher not only on shirts but also on table runners or pillows, don't you agree?


The mix of materials makes it really special. So use our template as the basis for your work and then decorate it to your own gusto. Your additions will make the piece individual and therefore unique. Have fun doing it yourself!


We can't wait to see your results soon on Instagram or Facebook . Don't forget to link our profile. <3

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