Special coatings for special applications: SCHMETZ SERV 100 and SCHMETZ NIT

To protect industrial sewing machine needles against corrosion they are coated with hard chrome, but also to provide a better glideability, as this coating reduces friction during the sewing process. For standard requirements, this conventional coating is more than sufficient. Challenging sewing processes sometimes require the use of needles with a special coating, for instance in the processing of abrasive materials or fabrics with a high man-made fiber content.


The SCHMETZ SERV 100 and the SCHMETZ NIT needles can be a solution for sewing the following materials:

  • Materials with a low softening/melting point
  • Man-made materials
  • Materials with a high man-made fiber content
  • Materials with special finishing
  • Coated materials
  • Abrasive materials
  • Thick, heavy, hard and strong materials
  • Technical textiles



Features of NIT needles:

  • Anti-adhesive surface with special Nickel-Phospor-PTFE coating and excellent gliding features
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Especially smooth, low-friction surface
  • Very resistant to corrosion
  • Even coating thickness over the entire needle surface


Application fields:

  • Materials with special finishing, e.g. flame retardant, color, modifications of textile threads or surfaces with regard to wear and care features.
  • In case of needle and eye smearing when using standard chrome plated needles.
  • Materials with a low softening/melting point
  • Man-made materials
  • Heavy and hard materials
  • Coated materials



  • Approx. 20% better glideability compared to a standard chrome plated needle.
  • Use of very thick sewing threads possible
  • Easy penetration of hard materials due to outstanding low-friction features of the surface
  • Optimum thread protection
  • Prevents the adhesion of melted residues on the needle even when sewing critical materials
  • Needle stays clean for longer
  • Avoids thread breakage
  • Less skip stitches
  • More continuity in the sewing process due to reduced downtime


SCHMETZ SERV 100 needles


  • Ultra hard Titanium Nitride coating on top of a protective hard chrome layer
  • Needle surface more than twice as hard as standard chrome plating
  • Slightly anti-adhesive needle surface
  • Super hard needle tip
  • Full corrosion protection of the needle surface
  • System designation supplement “TN” (Titanium Nitride)



  • Abrasive materials
  • Thick, hard and strong materials, e.g. denim, leather
  • Technical textiles
  • Sports shoes
  • Synthetics



  • Excellent wear resistance of needle
  • Long lasting needle tip avoids fabric damage
  • Precise stitches and therefore neat seam appearance
  • Less needle breakage
  • Low needle consumption
  • Minimized clogging of needle eye and long groove when sewing materials like synthetics, foam, etc.
  • Less thread breakage and skipped stitches
  • High productivity
  • Reduced costs

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