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23.01.2020 // New packaging for SCHMETZ industrial sewing machine needles

In the field of industrial sewing machine needles, certain needle systems from SCHMETZ are gradually being switched to a new packaging system. These can be identified by the blue plastic packaging typical for SCHMETZ, the SCHMETZ lettering and the SCHMETZ logo in the form of a watermark:


The 10-unit module

The practical 10-unit module enables you to remove individual industrial sewing machine needles quickly and easily. After opening the flap, you can remove the desired quantity of needles. Because the packaging is slightly transparent, you can see the remaining quantity per 10-unit module and therefore have an overview of your needle stock.


The practical connecting grid enables several 10-unit modules to be stacked one above the other. This allows the packs to be stored without difficulty.


The 100-unit packaging

This is the standard packaging unit. It consists of ten 10-unit modules, shrink-wrapped in a transparent film. The film can be opened comfortably thanks to the integrated sleeve.


The 500-unit packaging

The largest possible delivery unit comes in a stable, blue-white box. Each box contains five 100-unit packs, which together form a packaging unit of 500 industrial sewing machine needles. A label is applied on the front of every box. This ensures that the right needle can be found quickly among the different boxes in the warehouse.

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