Consulting – individual and based on practice!

You require intelligent solutions for your specific needs. We offer support that is quick and to the point. Solutions can often only be found if all areas involved in the process are included. The SCHMETZ SERVICEHOUSE combines needle, machine, fabric, and thread expertise and is responsible for coordinating all parties.

Five options to take advantage of our excellent service!

Sample Excellence – One call and the desired needle or suitable tufting tools will be sent to you quickly, along with valuable tips and information.

Direct Excellence – The SCHMETZ SERVICEHOUSE provides support that is quick and to the point. Questions are answered immediately by phone.

Sewability Excellence – Pre-production recommendation: The collection fabrics of the upcoming season receive the SCHMETZ SERVICEHOUSE sewing label. It provides information about the right needle. In addition you receive practical recommendations regarding the sewability of the new fabrics.

Report Excellence – Complex tasks require a comprehensive solution including additional information about machine, thread, and processing. On the basis of the information you provide (see questionnaire) and the fabrics you make available to us, the SCHMETZ SERVICEHOUSE prepares a detailed report including needle samples.

Tufting Excellence – New materials, new designs, and new carpet constructions again and again place new demands on production processes. Experienced specialists in the SCHMETZ SERVICEHOUSE will gladly help you implement the best solution for your particular process.