The tufting technology is one of the mostly used processes worldwide to produce three-dimensional textile surfaces. There are many different implementations that cover carpets for the private home, for hotels, airports and other commercial areas as well as for interior of cars, trains and aircraft. Tufted textile surfaces include also bathmats, cleaning mops or artificial grass or turf. Especially turf has become an excellent growth market because it conquers more and more of the sports complexes of this world.

The tufted carpet goods are manufactured as a continuous web which very often has a standard width of 4 m or 5 m. The tufting machine therefore holds a multitude of tufting gauge parts which are distributed across the whole width of the machine. The amount of gauge parts in the tufting machine depends on the gauge (or fineness) of the carpet.

Materials, new designs and new carpet constructions continuously put new demands on carpet production. New high speed tufting machines as well are a challenge for the gauge parts in use.

SCHMETZ as a reliable and innovative partner of the tufting industry has accepted these challenges and offers the whole range of gauge parts from one source that are necessary for a modern tufting production.

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